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In the dawn of an economic depression, three broke, jobless friends form a vigilante group designed to do what the police can't do... kick butt! Armed with out-of-date weaponry and a sense of humor, the 'Squad' makes it their job to save the day! This is a short game that spans around 30 minutes (or less) and takes the player on three different, non-linear 'cases'. This game is infused with humor, action, and story telling in an attempt to make a game for everyone. As I stated before, this game is nonlinear so there will be different choices, some that slightly influence the ending while others offer you different ways of completing a certain case.

The action is that of a standard RPG enhanced by a few plugins and each case is a unique crime almost always with a twist and entails many choices throughout making each gameplay experience at least slightly different from the last.
This is my second game so I would definitely appreciate constructive feedback as I know this game isn't perfect. If there are any issues with the game, like bugs, glitches, spelling, or gameplay errors, feel free to tell me!

Install instructions

Unfortantely, I couldn't upload the zip file directly so you'll have to copy the tinyurl link (shown as a tinyurl for convenience's sake but is actually a google drive link) provided into your browser. Just download the zip and extract the files. An icon called 'Game' should show up in the main folder. Click that and enjoy the game!



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